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Book Series Spatial Practices

Aim & Scope

Spatial Practices aims to publish new work in the study of spaces and places which have been appropriated for cultural meanings: symbolic landscapes and urban places which have specific cultural meanings that construct, maintain, and circulate myths of a unified national or regional culture and their histories, or whose visible ironies deconstruct those myths. Taking up the lessons of the new cultural geography, papers are invited which attempt to build bridges between the disciplines of cultural history, literary and cultural studies, and geography. Spatial Practices will promote a new interdisciplinary kind of cultural history drawing on constructivist approaches to questions of culture and identity that insist that cultural “realities” are the effect of discourses; but also that cultural objects and their histories and geographies are read as texts, with formal and generic rules, tropes and topographies. Before their inclusion in Spatial Practices manuscripts will be subjected to peer-review. [1]

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