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Journal Fungal Genetics Reports

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Fungal Genetics Reports (FGR) is published as an online resource by the Fungal Genetics Stock Center. FGR publishes research articles, short research notes, methods notes, linkage data, information concerning new mutants, announcements of meetings, or of positions available et cetera. It is a policy not to accept an abstract or shorter version of a full-length paper which will be published soon in a regular journal. However, a more extensive description of techniques or mutants used in a regular paper would be appropriate for FGR. We particularly encourage you to use FGR to describe new techniques or methods. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 67, ISSUE 1
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Predicting the Identities of su(met-2) and met-3 in Neurospora crassa by Genome Resequencing

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Fungal Genetics Reports , 2024 - VOLUME 67, ISSUE 1


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