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Book Series Thamyris / Intersecting : Place, Sex and Race

Aim & Scope

Thamyris seeks to initiate alternative forms of criticism by analysing the ways in which cultural and theoretical discourses intervene in the contemporary world. This criticism should pursue a re-politicizing and remobilizing of theoretical perspectives and cultural practices, preferably through case studies. Thamyris hopes to contribute to the productive interaction between art, activism, and theory. We understand cultural practices to include those of literary, visual, digital, and performance arts, but also social practices related to gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. In short, Thamyris aims at exploring the ways in which varying cultural practices, separately or in interaction, can be effective as agents of social and cultural change. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1994  -  2000  ) Thamyris : Mythmaking from Past to Present (  2001  -  9999  ) Thamyris / Intersecting : Place, Sex and Race

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