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Journal Psychological Services

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Psychological Services is the newest American Psychological Association Division publication. The official publication of the Division of Psychologists in Public Service (Division 18), Psychological Services will publish high-quality data-based articles on the broad range of psychological services. While the Division’s focus is on psychologists in "public service," usually defined as being employed by a governmental agency, Psychological Services will cover the full range of psychological services provided in any service delivery setting. Psychological Services encourages submissions of papers that focus on broad issues related to psychotherapy outcome studies, program evaluation studies of psychological service programs and/or systems, and public policy analyses. Psychological Services will also publish a limited number of case studies of psychological services and/or service delivery systems, model program and delivery system descriptions, literature reviews that make an additional significant contribution to the existing literature, and articles on aspects of training psychologists for work in public service settings. [1]

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Psychological Services
2016 - VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1

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