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Cognitive Processing -- International Quarterly of Cognitive Science is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes innovative contributions in the multidisciplinary field of cognitive science. Its first aim is to present the latest results obtained in the manifold disciplines concerned with the different aspects of cognitive processing in natural and artificial systems: artificial intelligence, computer science and knowledge engineering, linguistics, mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy and cognitive anthropology, psychology, robotics.Its main purpose is to stimulate research and scientific interaction through communication between specialists in different fields on topics of common interest and to promote an interdisciplinary understanding of the diverse topics in contemporary cognitive science. Cognitive Processing considers diverse subject matter concerning cognitive processing, accepting various approaches to investigation: theoretical, experimental, methodological, computational and modeling, applicative. A tentative list of topics includes: action; attention; cognitive change and optimization; computation in cognitive science; connectionist approaches; expertise; knowledge acquisition; knowledge representation; language (grammar and semantics, discourse analysis, development, disturbances); mental architectures and models; memory; mind design; multimedia databases; perception and pattern recognition. Cognitive Processing publishes papers under the following rubrics: Reviews are papers reviewing and discussing recent scientific literature on a problem relevant for cognitive science; Research Reports are exhaustive and extensive presentations of new scientific results; Short Reports are brief articles reporting important experimental findings that warrant rapid communication to the scientific community; Letters to the Editor present new, original ideas from research in progress that require immediate publication; Laboratory Notes are brief, general presentations of the activities in scientific laboratories. [1]

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(  1953  -  2002  ) Psychologische Beiträge (  2000  -  9999  ) Cognitive Processing
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Disgust as a basic, sexual, and moral emotion

S Söylemez , S Söylemez , A Kapucu , A Kapucu

Cognitive Processing , 2024


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