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Cities offers a comprehensive range of articles on all aspects of urban policy. It provides an international and interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas and information between urban planners and policy makers from national and local government, non-government organizations, academia and consultancy. The primary aims of the journal are to analyse and assess past and present urban development and management as a reflection of effective, ineffective and non-existent planning policies; and the promotion of the implementation of appropriate urban policies in both the developed and the developing world. Topics covered include: Housing, homelessness and health; urban management; public-private sector cooperation; Third World development and planning problems; urban regeneration; urban conservation and design; technological innovation and urban planning; urban transportation. Each issue also features a profile of a major city. Coverage includes a brief description of the city's historical development, an account of comtemporary conditions, problems or issues, and a critical review of recent or current policy, planning or management responses. [1]

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