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Journal Rangeland Journal

Aim & Scope

The Rangeland Journal publishes original work that makes a significant contribution to understanding the biophysical, social, cultural, economic, and policy influences affecting rangeland use and management throughout the world. Rangelands are defined broadly and include all those environments where natural ecological processes predominate, and where values and benefits are based primarily on natural resources. Articles may present the results of original research, contributions to theory or new conclusions reached from the review of a topic. Their structure need not conform to that of standard scientific articles but writing style must be clear and concise. All material presented must be well documented, critically analysed and objectively presented. All papers are peer-reviewed. Topics published Climate-soil-plant-animal-people interactions including climate change; Ecology of landscapes including monitoring and resource condition; Water resources and uses; Use and management of natural and cultural resources; Land use tradeoffs; Biodiversity conservation; Domestic animal and wildlife production systems; Alternative and niche-market production systems; Ecosystem services flows and sustainability; Economic and social aspects of resource use; Social-ecological systems and resilience; Governance, policy and adaptive capacity; People, societies, communities and livelihoods; Social and technical services for human populations; Mining and rehabilitation; Cultural heritage values; Tourism and recreation; Communication, education, knowledge sharing and brokering. [1]

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