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TQM seeks high quality international submissions from academics, researchers and practitioners. The journal aims to publish papers that report research that addresses real-life industry and management challenges and contribute to developing real solutions. Generally, contributions should cover the theoretical development and the practical application of both the “hard” and “soft” aspects of TQM. Research can be from the private sector or the public sectors of industry – including manufacturing, health, education, local government, professional and other service organisations. Specifically, contributors can address, inter alia, the following areas: The TQM philosophy, including the quality gurus; Leadership and management issues including people and process issues; Internal and external customer issues; The measurement of quality; Costs of quality; Continuous improvement; ISO management standards including implementation and integration issues; Quality management and related systems including implementation and integration issues. Excellence models including implementation and management issues; Process management and improvement including Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Business Process Management; Tools and techniques for quality management and improvement including, inter alia, kaizen, 5S, Kano analysis, the seven tools of quality control; Problem-solving; Strategical, tactical and operational issues for quality management implementation and sustainability; The 4th Industrial revolution impact on all aspects of manufacturing and services (people, products and processes) - including robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI); The use of smart technologies to improve the customer experience - particularly in retail, hospitality and tourism; The use and impact of social media on quality management and the customer-supplier relationship; Management and employee wellbeing, mindfulness and happiness and its impact on productivity, performance and quality; Small-to-Medium-sized enterprises: the journal welcomes research on critical success factors or limitations for their sustainability, growth performance, quality improvement, implementation of continuous improvement initiatives such as TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and other management standards. Contributors should keep discussions on the history of quality management thought to a minimum and focus on their contribution to, and their advancement of, the body of knowledge on quality management. [1]

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