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Aim & Scope

Traditionally, project management has been neglected by business schools and by default it has become the preserve of more specialised professional faculties such as engineering and architecture. By taking a broader organisational perspective and by covering a wider range of industries and professions, IJPOM will appeal to a wider readership which includes not only those with an interest in mainstream management topics but also practitioners engaged in an unlimited variety of projects. Topics covered include: Pre-project activities; Project proposals/initial analysis, conception/design, management models; Post-deployment review/documentation; Engineering, production, service, construction projects; Public sector programmes/campaigns, public/private sector partnerships; Consultancy projects, public relations campaigns; Mergers/acquisitions, outsourcing, alliances; Particular events, humanitarian aid programmes, disasters projects; Virtual projects, web-based PM, open-ended projects; Communication/collaboration, negotiation skills, risk assessment/management; Current/emerging standards, facilities/equipment support, quality assurance/testing; Goals/objectives setting, budgeting, time/cost estimating; HRM challenges, staffing, organisation change projects; Opportunity management, marketing/branding strategies, measurement/metrics; Project coordination/scheduling/governance, knowledge management. [1]

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