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Journal Matrix Biology

Aim & Scope

Regular Papers: Matrix Biology will review for publication studies utilizing most scientific technologies including molecular biology, cell biology, immunochemistry, structural biology, computational biology, theoretical biology, and macromolecular chemistry where the subject is extracellular matrix or is substantially related to matrix and its biological role. The journal will publish articles that are scientifically rigorous, complete within some logical framework, address molecular or cellular mechanisms, and present results that are timely and above average significance. Methods without application to a significant project and data on a new species or system similar to results already in the literature will not be accepted as a regular paper but may be suitable as a Short Note. Short Notes: Matrix Biology will also review for publication brief reports that meet the same standards of quality and field of interest as regular papers but have a narrower scope and more focused interest. Examples are: DNA sequence from a new species of special interest where the sequence from another species is in the literature; a probe, assay or method that is particularly novel and useful; a new mutation that broadens understanding in a genetic disease where other mutations are known; and brief results of more than usual interest that will be followed by a more detailed study. Mini Reviews: The aims of the reviews are to: (a) summarize the general concepts in the field; (b) provide a brief summary of the new information in the field; and (c) define unresolved questions and disagreements about currently available data. The mini-reviews will be aimed at the general reader and employ simple but informative diagrams and drawings. The mini-reviews will be of two different types, single mini-reviews that will summarize some new and important discovery in the field, and cluster mini-reviews on a topic that has been under investigation for some time. To ensure that the mini-reviews reflect a consensus to the scientists in the field, they will be published in one or two issues as a series of articles consisting of (a) an Introductory Review by a Special Editor selected for the series; (b) two or more specialized reviews from two or more additional experts in the field and (c) Letters-to-the-Editor by additional experts in the field who will be invited to comment or volunteer to comment on specific issues raised in the reviews. Announcements: Announcements of national or international meetings may be published in Matrix Biology. [1]

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