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Journal Romanian Review of Regional Studies

Aim & Scope

The geographical region is becoming the territory for profound and many-sided researches that are presented in the studies and articles published in our journal. These researches belong mainly to geographers, but also to other specialists (economists, sociologists, architects, planners, engineers) whose approaches may contribute to understanding the various aspects of regional processes and phenomena. However, without minimizing the importance of these other approaches, we believe that it is necessary to increase the geographers' presence in regional studies. Their approach is most adequate because they are familiar with the actual territory and the way regional systems function. This is the main purpose and the permanent policy of the present journal. Romanian Review of Regional Studies is an internationally peer-reviewed and open access scholarly journal, edited by the Centre for Regional Geography since 2005. It aims at disseminating the results from the research in the field of regional studies, promoting the exchange of ideas and experience between academics, researchers, PhD students and practitioners in the field of Regional Geography and other closely-related fields. Meant to be internationally accessible, the journal is published entirely in English. The present journal focuses on the fundamental aspects of the study of regions, seen as integrated, functional territorial systems, with equilibrated feedback, on the evolution of regional processes and phenomena, the notions and concepts most used in regional approach, the investigative methodology, since, in order to develop, Regional Geography needs to enrich and to improve its methodology and has to separate from other geographical or non-geographical areas of knowledge or sciences. [1]

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