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Journal IRB Advisor

Aim & Scope

Each month, IRB Advisor addresses the topics that affect you most, including current regulatory activities, informed consent, and administrative and management issues. IRB Advisor will provide you with comprehensive, practical and authoritative information, such as: in-depth coverage of informed consent and compliance; regular discussion about the concerns of ethics and conduct in IRB; detailed stories of issues involving protected populations such as children and prisoners; new software and their uses that have helped IRBs become more efficient; exploration of potential liability for IRBs and their institutions. Each issue is meticulously written with objective and unbiased coverage bringing you case studies, expert analysis, and practical advice in a concise, easy-to-read format. The objectives of IRB Advisor are to: establish clinical trial programs using accepted ethical principles for human subject protection; apply the mandated regulatory safeguards for patient recruitment, follow-up and reporting of findings for human subject research; comply with the necessary educational requirements regarding informed consent and human subject research. [1]

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