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Journal Chromosome Research

Aim & Scope

This journal offers high quality papers on all aspects of chromosome and nuclear biology. Coverage emphasizes accounts of experimental studies of chromosome organization, function and behavior. Chromosome Research publishes manuscripts from work based on all organisms and encourages submissions in the following areas including, but not limited, to: Chromosomes and their linkage to diseases; Chromosome organization within the nucleus; Chromatin biology (transcription, non-coding RNA, etc); Chromosome structure, function and mechanics; Chromosome and DNA repair; Epigenetic chromosomal functions (centromeres, telomeres, replication, imprinting, dosage compensation, sex determination, chromosome remodeling); Architectural/epigenomic organization of the genome; Functional annotation of the genome; Functional and comparative genomics in plants and animals; Karyology studies that help resolve difficult taxonomic problems or that provide clues to fundamental mechanisms of genome and karyotype evolution in plants and animals; Mitosis and Meiosis; Cancer cytogenomics. [1]

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