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Journal Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

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Industrial Lubrication and Tribology provides a broad coverage of the materials and techniques employed in tribology. It contains a firm technical news element which brings together and promotes best practice in the three disciplines of tribology, which comprise lubrication, wear and friction. ILT also follows the progress of research into advanced lubricants, bearings, seals, gears and related machinery parts, as well as materials selection. A double-blind peer review process involving the editor and other subject experts ensures the content's validity and relevance. Topicality: The science of industrial machinery lubrication, friction and wear has been well established for many decades. Determining which lubricants work best in different types of machinery—and understanding how and why—can have far-reaching effects in areas such as costs, productivity and quality. At any one time, up to 50% of machinery is at a standstill due to problems related to friction—and when it's your organization bearing the costs of that downtime, you need to know what you can do to reduce such huge potential losses. ILT will help you to achieve just that. Key benefits: The journal places special emphasis on the development of alternatives to finite hydrocarbons, including synthetics, ‘dry’ lubricants, plastics composites and innovative carbon materials. This leading-edge material, drawn from both academic and industrial sources, plus a unique rolling programme review of new products and developments, means that ILT is a balanced and well-informed resource offering immediate practical advantages to its subscribers. Key journal audiences: Materials scientists; Design engineers; Executives of companies concerned with lubricants and allied products; Coverage; Abrasion resistant materials; Advanced lubricants; Advanced surfaces; Biotribology; Carbon-based materials; Condition monitoring; Green tribology; Lubricant additives; Oil refining; Surface texturing; Wear-resistant coatings. [1]

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