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Journal DNA Research

Aim & Scope

DNA Research is an internationally peer-reviewed journal which aims at publishing papers of highest quality in broad aspects of DNA and genome-related research. Emphasis will be made on the following subjects: 1) Sequencing and characterization of genomes/important genomic regions, 2) Comprehensive analysis of the functions of genes, gene families and genomes, 3) Techniques and equipments useful for structural and functional analysis of genes, gene families and genomes, 4) Computer algorithms and/or their applications relevant to structural and functional analysis of genes and genomes. The journal also welcomes novel findings in other scientific disciplines related to genomes. The Journal was launched in 1994 by Kazusa DNA Research Institute for publication of fine research in the growing field of genomic research. The online version of the journal was launched in 2000, and the journal has ever since been proud of providing the journal open access. DNA Research continues to provide its online journal open access at a very low author charge. [1]

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