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High Temperature (Teplofizika Vysokikh Temperatur), founded in 1963, is a prominent Russian physical engineering journal. Coverage includes properties and processes in low-temperature plasmas; thermophysical properties of substances including pure materials, mixtures and alloys; phase equilibria; heat and mass transfer phenomena in particular by forced and free convections, boiling and condensation processes, radiation and complex heat transfer; methods and instruments of experimental techniques; high temperature installations and equipment for power engineering applications and more. The journal publishes original papers and reviews in high-temperature thermal physics, by Russian and international researchers. It reflects trends in thermal physics, presenting the results of contemporary experimental investigations; studies in the numerical simulation of complex thermal, gas-dynamics, and heat-and-mass-transfer processes; and the latest achievements in the theoretical description of the properties of high-temperature media. [1]

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2023 - VOLUME 61, ISSUE 6
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Mass Spectrometric Thermodynamic Study of the Fe2O3–TiO2 System

V Stolyarova , S Lopatin , V Vorozhtcov , ... , A Shilov

High Temperature , 2023 - VOLUME 61, ISSUE 6 , pp 790-800.


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Shock-Wave Transformations of Fine-Grained Quartz Dispersed in a Silver Matrix

A Zhukov , V Yakushev , A Rogacheva

High Temperature , 2023 - VOLUME 61, ISSUE 6 , pp 801-805.


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