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Journal Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data

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The Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data (JPCRD) is published by AIP Publishing for the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The journal provides critically evaluated physical and chemical property data, fully documented as to the original sources and the criteria used for evaluation, preferably with uncertainty analysis. Critical reviews may also be included if they document a reference database, review the data situation in a field, review reference-quality measurement techniques, or review data evaluation methods. Manuscripts reporting correlations of data or estimation methods are acceptable only if they are based on critical data evaluation and if they produce reference data—the best available values for the relevant properties. JPCRD does not normally publish original experimental measurements, such as those normally reported in the primary research literature, with the exception of experiments that establish definitive values (with well-characterized uncertainties) that can be used as a reference in other contexts such as calibration of instruments. [1]

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(  1979  -  1996  ) Solubility Data Series (  1972  -  9999  ) Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data
Inactive ( 1973 - 1988 )   Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Supplement

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Inactive ( 1989 - 1998 )   Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Monograph

1063-0651 ( Print ) 
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