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ISSN  :   0007-4918 ( Print )   |   1472-7234 ( Online )   Active

Journal Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies

Aim & Scope

The Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies fills a significant void by providing a well respected outlet for high quality research by both Indonesians and foreigners on any and all matters pertaining to the Indonesian economy - from poverty to public administration, from small business to state enterprise, from peasant farming and fisheries to financial crises - and touching on closely related fields such as law, the environment, demography, education and health. In doing so, it has played as important role in helping the world, and the Indonesians themselves, to understand Indonesia. The journal has been recognised world wide as one of the top ranking economics journals in terms of citations. In addition to the usual papers reporting economic analysis and research, each issue leads with a comprehensive 'Survey of Recent Developments', which aims to be accessible even to non-economists, and helps to account for the journal's diverse readership within academia, government, business and the public as a whole. The journal also includes a number of book reviews on Indonesian economics and related issues. [1]

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