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Journal Cell Structure and Function

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Cell Structure and Function is a fully peer-reviewed, fully Open Access journal. As the official English-language journal of the Japan Society for Cell Biology, it is published continuously online and biannually in print. Cell Structure and Function publishes important, original contributions in all areas of molecular and cell biology. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts on research areas such as the cell nucleus, chromosomes, and gene expression; the cytoskeleton and cell motility; cell adhesion and the extracellular matrix; cell growth, differentiation and death; signal transduction; the protein life cycle; membrane traffic; and organelles. The journal publishes five article types: Full Articles; Short Communications; Mini-Reviews and Reviews; Technical Notes; and Perspectives. Full Articles and Short Communications report original research not published elsewhere. The remaining article types can be summaries of previous research, but must add important insight or a fresh perspective. The audience of Cell Structure and Function includes research scientists in academia or industry who work on cell biology or related life sciences, individuals working on the application of research in these fields, clinicians, students and other interested individuals. The journal strives to be an important outlet for the publication of excellent research and an essential part of communication in molecular and cell biology. [1]

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The RZZ complex and the spindle assembly checkpoint.

Y Lu , Z Wang , L Ge , ... , H Liu

Cell Structure and Function
2009 - VOLUME 34, ISSUE 1 pp 31-45.
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Cell Structure and Function
2010 - VOLUME 35, ISSUE 1

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