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Journal Corporate Governance : International Journal of Business in Society

Aim & Scope

Providing a consistent source of in-depth information, analysis and advice considering corporate governance on an international scale, Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society focuses on knowledge development, practice and performance standards for scholars and Boards of Directors/ Governors of companies throughout the world. The journal publishes a diverse range of substantive theoretical and methodological debates as well as practical developments in the field of corporate governance worldwide. The journal particularly encourages attention to the impact of changes of business/corporate governance forms and practices on people, and the sustainability of different governance models. Articles that highlight models and structures that advance the interests, dignity and well being of all stakeholders, in a sustainable manner, are particularly welcome. The journal covers a broad spectrum of governance-related themes including: Effective boardroom performance, Control and regulation, Executive leadership, The role and contribution of external (non-executive) directors, The growing importance of governance in the wake of ever-greater corporate scandals, Redefinitions and reassessments of corporate governance models, The role of business in society, The changing nature of the relationship and responsibilities of the firm towards various stakeholders, The incentives required to encourage more socially- and environmentally-responsible corporate action, The role and impact of local and international regulatory agencies and regimes on corporate behaviour. [1]

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