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Journal Medicinal Research Reviews

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The journal publishes timely critical reviews of topics related to medicinal research broadly defined to which the authors have made significant contributions. Appropriate topics include but are not limited to the underlying pathophysiology of important diseases and disease vectors; therapeutic approaches to the treatment of various diseases; the properties of molecular targets for therapeutic agents; important new methodologies facilitating the search for therapies; genomics and proteomics; structure-activity correlations of drug series; the development of new imaging and diagnostic tools; drug metabolism; drug delivery; chemical pharmacological pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic and clinical characteristics of importance. Reviews are mainly solicited by the editors; however voluntary contributions are also encouraged. In the latter case potential authors are asked to contact either co-editor with an outline before beginning to write in order to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure suitability of the topic and its level of coverage. [1]

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Guillaume Cabanac

2022 - VOLUME 2022, ISSUE 11

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Tetraoxanes: synthetic and medicinal chemistry perspective.

N Kumar , R Singh , DS Rawat

Medicinal Research Reviews
2012 - VOLUME 32, ISSUE 3 pp 581-610.
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Medicinal Research Reviews
2011 - VOLUME 31, ISSUE 3

p 482.
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