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Journal Phonetica

Aim & Scope

Contemporary interdisciplinary research on phonetics employs a wide range of approaches, from instrumental measures to perceptual and neurocognitive procedures, to computational modelling, for investigating the properties and principles of phonetics in communicative settings across the world’s languages. It also ranges across styles, types of language users, and communicative modalities (speech, sign, song). Phonetica is an international forum for phonetic science that covers all aspects of the subject matter, from phonetic and phonological descriptions, to articulatory and signal analytic measures of production, to perception, acquisition, and phonetic variation and change. Phonetica thus provides a platform for a comprehensive understanding of producer-perceiver interaction across languages and dialects, and of learning throughout the lifespan and across contexts. Papers published in this journal report expert original work that deals both with theoretical issues, new empirical data, and innovative methods and applications that help to advance the field. [1]

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