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Journal Physiotherapy Research International

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This quarterly journal, launched in 1996, provides a forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original research papers of interest to an international audience of physiotherapists and others interested in physiotherapy. Following the worldwide movement of undergraduate physiotherapy education to university-based curricula, clinicians and educators now have a greater understanding of and interest in research. In addition to the growing pressure on those working in education and research to publish their results, both therapist and non-therapist managers are increasingly showing an interest in the results of research, and providers of services are also keen to have evidence of the efficacy of their services in discussions with purchasers. Physiotherapy Research International publishes original research papers and shorter research reports on a wide range of topics relevant to physiotherapy. The journal has a distinguished editorial board of leading clinicians, researchers and educators in the field throughout the world. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 29, ISSUE 3
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Physiotherapy Research International , 2024 - VOLUME 29, ISSUE 3


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Physiotherapy Research International
2017 - VOLUME 22, ISSUE 1

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