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Journal Colloids and Interface Science Communications

Aim & Scope

Colloid and Interface Science Communications provides a forum for the highest visibility and rapid publication of short initial reports on new fundamental concepts, research findings, and topical applications at the forefront of the increasingly interdisciplinary area of colloid and interface science. The particular emphasis is given to novel experimental techniques and theoretical/computational methods for advanced studies of interfacial interactions and design of colloidal materials, including Colloidal solutions, self-assembly, surfactant and polymer mesophases; Interfacial processes, adsorption, capillarity, wetting, and microfluidics; Soft matter, membranes, coatings, films, gels, and foams; Nanoparticles, nanotubes, and low dimensionality materials; Colloidal nanostructures and micro-mesoporous materials; Biointerfaces, biocolloids, biofilms, and biomembranes. The scope of applications include nanomaterials, energy production and storage, biotechnologies, nanomedicine, drug delivery, environmental sustainability, adsorption separations, catalysis, electrochemistry, food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetic products. [1]

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