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Cultural Sociology publishes empirically oriented, theoretically sophisticated, methodologically rigorous papers, which explore from a broad set of sociological perspectives a diverse range of socio-cultural forces, phenomena, institutions and contexts. The objective of Cultural Sociology is to publish original articles which advance the field of cultural sociology and the sociology of culture. The journal seeks to consolidate, develop and promote the arena of sociological understandings of culture, and is intended to be pivotal in defining both what this arena is like currently and what it could become in the future. Cultural Sociology will publish innovative, sociologically-informed work concerned with cultural processes and artefacts, broadly defined. Papers dealing with empirically-existing cultural phenomena, analysed and researched in theoretically and methodologically sophisticated ways, are particularly encouraged. Papers that concentrate on more 'empirical', or more 'methodological', or more 'theoretical' issues in cultural sociology and the sociology of culture, are also welcomed. The journal aims to facilitate fruitful dialogue and cooperation between scholars from different national contexts and between those working within different analytic and methodological paradigms. Although focussed on sociological contributions to cultural analysis, the journal will also encourage discussions between sociologists and others working in cognate fields such as cultural studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, art history, history, literary and film studies, human geography and so on. The journal is keen to encourage submissions from both established and emerging scholars. Book reviews will allow readers of the journal to keep abreast of important new contributions to the area. [1]

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