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Journal PEC Innovation

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PEC Innovation is an online-only open access journal committed to publishing high quality peer reviewed articles. It is an interdisciplinary, international journal in the fields of health promotion, health education and health communication. The acronym PEC refers both to the name of its sister journal Patient Education and Counseling and to the three topical areas of PEC Innovation: Health Promotion, Health Education and Health Communication. PEC Innovation seeks to explore and elucidate new developments and innovation in the fields of health promotion, education and communication, including the development of new instruments of assessment and research and novel interventions to promote health, advance health communication at all levels of communication, including e-health and e-learning, and educate and empower patients and other stakeholders in healthcare. Emphasis is given to work that brings patient perspectives into the design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions intended to improve health and transform health care delivery. [1]

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