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Journal ACS Engineering Au

Aim & Scope

ACS Engineering Au is an open access journal that reports significant advances in chemical engineering, applied chemistry, and energy covering fundamentals, processes, and products. The journal's broad scope includes experimental, theoretical, mathematical, computational, chemical, and physical research from academic and industrial settings. Short letters, comprehensive articles, reviews, and perspectives are welcome on topics that include: Fundamental research in such areas as thermodynamics, transport phenomena (flow, mixing, mass & heat transfer), chemical reaction kinetics and engineering, catalysis, separations, interfacial phenomena, and materials; Process design, development, and intensification (e.g., process technologies for chemicals and materials, synthesis and design methods, process intensification, multiphase reactors, scale-up, systems analysis, process control, data correlation schemes, modeling, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence); Product research and development involving chemical and engineering aspects (e.g., catalysts, plastics, elastomers, fibers, adhesives, coatings, paper, membranes, lubricants, ceramics, aerosols, fluidic devices, intensified process equipment); Energy and fuels (e.g., pre-treatment, processing and utilization of renewable energy resources; processing and utilization of fuels; properties and structure or molecular composition of both raw fuels and refined products; fuel cells, hydrogen, batteries; photochemical fuel and energy production; decarbonization; electrification; microwave; cavitation); Measurement techniques, computational models and data on thermo-physical, thermodynamic, and transport properties of materials and phase equilibrium behavior; New methods, models and tools (e.g., real-time data analytics, multi-scale models, physics informed machine learning models, machine learning enhanced physics-based models, soft sensors, high-performance computing). [1]

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