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Journal Frontiers in Ophthalmology

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Frontiers in Ophthalmology will publish rigorously peer-reviewed clinical and basic- research in ophthalmology, optometry and vision science. The journal core goals are to advance our knowledge of understanding of mechanisms underlying eye diseases and disorders, to aid in diagnosis and best management, thereby aiming to prevent visual loss. Vision impairment is prevalent in nearly 2.2 billion people globally, thus international and clinically relevant research is fundamental in developing diagnostic and therapeutic tools including surgical innovations. Ophthalmology research, both basic and clinical with supportive technology advancements, is rapidly progressing. We continue to move towards more precise diagnosis and disease-tailored treatments with a growing impact on global blindness. Frontiers in Ophthalmology aims to advance translational research to further promote ophthalmic clinical care worldwide. The journal is different in that it supports authors of papers considered significant by the Editorial Section Leads and reviewers, to get the papers into more publishable form with suggestions and help from its reviewers. Frontiers of Ophthalmology encourages articles covering all aspects of ophthalmology from basic to clinical science. Sections include retinal diseases, ocular inflammation, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, corneal and ocular surface diseases, ocular surgery as well as disease mechanisms and aetiologies, including therapeutic targets. Randomized clinical trials and real life clinical studies are welcome. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 4
47 RESULTS in 21 msec

Computational single fundus image restoration techniques: a review

S Zhang , CAB Webers , TTJM Berendschot

Frontiers in Ophthalmology , 2024 - VOLUME 4 , p 1332197.


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