Periodical (Journal)


Journal Education Insights : Journal of Research and Practice

Aim & Scope

Education Insights is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. It exhibits original research, contemporary book reviews, and Christian thought on theories, interdisciplinary studies, pedagogy, and theology, aiming to guide scholars in the field of education. The journal came forth as a way to guide preservice teacher candidates and practitioners from a Biblical worldview. The market is saturated with scholarly journals, yet most exclude the mention of Christ being Sovereign, LORD, and Savior, which is significant in the field of education. Other journals affirm Christ and his deity, but lack the pedagogical and theological girth Education Insights will achieve. The combination of scholarly research, book reviews, and the ongoing column, “Theoretically Speaking,” offer insight from multiple perspectives. The Education Insights title carries weight. We hope the insights gained will promote achievement and preparation for current and future issues in education. The aim is to strengthen the capacity of K-12 and post-secondary schools globally. [1]

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