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Aim & Scope

Academia Biology represents a forum for the publication of scientific progress in biology that is fundamentally sound, prioritized by editorial standards and supported by constructive peer review. Academia Biology papers are universally accessible based on open access and broadly advertised within the global Academia network. The journal will consider new research papers, reviews of published work and expert perspectives in all fields associated with biology. Research papers are expected to provide solid conceptual or technical advances and have utility for other investigators. The journal also represents a broad platform for critical discussions among biologists of all academic ranks and disciplines. The scope of Academia Biology encompasses all fundamental, translational and applied biological and biomedical disciplines, including any topic associated with biochemistry, molecular, cell & developmental biology, microbiology & virology, plant biology, evolution & ecology, physiology, genetics, molecular pathology, regenerative medicine & precision medicine. Furthermore, Academia Biology will consider topics associated with closely related fields including biotechnology, agricultural & aquatic biology, biomedical engineering, biophysics, bioinformatics, mathematical biology, bioethics, biological history, chemical biology & pharmacology, provided that the advance in knowledge or methodology is directly relevant to biology. [1]

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