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Journal Journal of Biosensors, Biomarkers and Diagnostics

Aim & Scope

Journal of Biosensors, Biomarkers and Diagnostics (JBBD) is an international journal that acts as an unique platform for featuring scientific articles on biosensors, biomarkers and other molecular approaches involved in the prognosis and diagnosis of diseases. Symbiosis Group provides open access for all its journals and publications, and ensures free and rapid knowledge dissemination. The articles published in JBBD have been subjected to peer-review in compliance with publication ethics. The scope of JBBD encompasses research, development, clinical applications, screening the molecular and cytogenetic pathways of diseases, and comparative advantage over conventional diagnostics. The advent of molecular and companion diagnostics has played an instrumental role in developing precision oncology and revolutionizing cancer treatment through personalized medicine. The novel biosensors and biomarkers have opened the gateway for developing targeted diagnostics & therapeutics, as the molecular pathway involved in the pathophysiology of the disease can be identified by these techniques. The numerous applications include non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tests, macromolecule (proteins, metabolites, lipids) analysis, screening for infectious diseases, cytogenetic profiling, bio-imaging, clinical trials etc. Biomarkers are biological parameters, used for assessing the biological state (normal physiology, diseased pathophysiology, pharmacokinetic parameter, or a pharmacodynamic response/clinical endpoint). Biosensor is a bioanalytical device that integrates a sensing element with a transducer, for detecting trace analytes in biological samples. Innovation in the field of biosensors & biomarkers has improvised medical diagnostics. The diagnostic kits now range from simple glucose monitors that can be used to measure blood glucose anytime & anywhere, to the more advanced aptamer based multianalyte biosensors. The earliest enzyme based catalytic biosensors are now being replaced by, target or receptor specific- affinity biosensors that use biological elements (antibodies, receptors, nucleic acids, body fluids, serum etc.) as analyte. [1]

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