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Journal Methodological Innovations

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Rarely has there been such a period of methodological innovation in the social sciences. The possibilities of new technologies, including powerful computing and the evolution of the internet, combined with a growing interdisciplinary enthusiasm from researchers have been key factors driving this innovation. Additionally, advances in statistical techniques, survey interfaces and sophisticated qualitative data analyses have been facilitated by technological advance, but other imaginative non-traditional methods, such as auto-ethnography, visual methods and neural networks have opened up new ways of accessing the social world. Methodological Innovations is the forum for methodological advances and debates in social research method and methodology. The Journal is a fully peer reviewed, English language, online, open access journal. It journal is advised by a Consultant Editorial Board of experienced scholars and researchers across disciplines and countries. The submission of articles from all social research disciplines and methodological approaches is encouraged. Articles focus on areas such as methodological problems and their solutions, new methods and techniques, innovative ways of combining methods and techniques and new applications of traditional methods. Some of the most innovative methods and approaches are being pioneered by students undertaking doctoral research or by researchers earlier in their careers. We actively encourage such researchers to submit articles with the aim to provide them with a supportive and encouraging refereeing process. [1]

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