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Journal Anuario Español de Derecho Internacional Privado

Aim & Scope

Supported by the group of Spanish professors of Private International Law and by legal operators from the magistracy, lawyers and bodies of the State Administration, the first volume of the Spanish Yearbook of Private International Law, corresponding to the year 2000, started an essential periodical publication in the Spanish legal landscape for the knowledge of cross-border relations, both within the European Union and in relation to third States. The purpose of this Yearbook is to offer the Spanish and foreign legal community, on an annual basis, the entire legal landscape that affects private external traffic: commercial arbitration, trade law, labor and social security law, criminal law, National procedural law, immigration, family and successions, foreign investments and exchange control, nationality and person and marital status. To this end, each volume is structured in different sections with a marked concern to highlight the state of Spanish doctrine, the most pressing practical issues, legislative reforms, the entry into force of the provisions of the European Union, the incorporation of international conventions and the exhaustive and critical study of the doctrine of our courts of justice and of the General Direction of the Registries and of the Notary and, finally, the manifestations of the normative pluralism existing within the Spanish State. All this, together with the punctual information of the coding work that is carried out in the different international forums. The content of each volume, which comprises 1,400 pages, It includes studies of a doctrinal nature, subject to a strict quality control by external evaluators. The materials of the practice, the jurisprudential decisions and the Spanish bibliography corresponding to the year of the corresponding volume of the Yearbook are also contributed. [1]

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