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Journal : Revista de Estudios para el Desarrollo Social de la Comunicación

Aim & Scope

REDES.COM is an international scientific journal edited by the Multimedia and Internet Nucleus of the University of Brasilia and the Interdisciplinary Group of Studies in Communication, Politics and Social Change (COMPOLITICAS) of the Junta de Andalucía, created to contribute to the academic community and communication professionals new knowledge and analytical tools for the study and transformation of the information system, from philosophical and cultural principles that contribute to the collective socialization of media, technologies and public information and communication processes. The digital edition of the Journal of Studies for the Social Development of Communication aims, in this endeavor, to contribute semiannually to develop a productive space of cultural dialogue and an exchange of ideas that allows the construction of an academic culture based on the "language of the links ", articulating Latin American critical thinking in spaces of supranational reference, such as the Latin Union of Political Economy of Information, Communication and Culture (ULEPICC), REDECOM or CLACSO. The commitment to a progressive and emancipatory vision of communication, and the intellectual commitment of the theory to the needs of the social production of communication as democratic and constructive cooperation, are therefore the main hallmarks of REDES.COM, and define the philosophy and the editorial line. [1]

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No authors listed. : Revista de Estudios para el Desarrollo Social de la Comunicación , 2016 , pp 10-15.


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