Periodical (Journal)

ISSN  :   1989-3663 ( Online )   Active

Journal Ingenium : Revista Electronica de Pensamiento Moderno y Metodologia en Historia de la Ideas

Aim & Scope

Ingenium Electronic Journal of Modern Thought and Methodology in History of Ideas(ISSN-e 1989-3663) is a digital magazine devoted to the history and analysis of modern thought, as well as the contemporary issues and debates that it raises. The object of study of the journal is the intellectual space that opens with the Renaissance and closes with the death of Hegel as the end of modern philosophy. The priority research lines are: humanism and erasmism; the first modernity and the formation and structure of philosophical systems; Renaissance, Baroque and Enlightenment categories; modern political theory and political philosophy; Aristotelianism and late scholasticism; the Hispanic American thought of the period; and, finally, the problems of methodology and hermeneutics in the field of the history of ideas, including the discussion of the historiographic categories of use. [1]

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