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Book Series Frontiers of Economics and Globalization

Aim & Scope

Frontiers of Economics and Globalization is aimed at economists and financial economists worldwide and provides an in depth look at current global topics. Each volume in the series focuses on specialized topics for greater understanding of the chosen subject and provides detailed discussions of emerging issues, offer cutting-edge views on new horizons and deepen the understanding in these emerging topics. With contributions from leading researchers, each volume presents a fresh look at today's current topics. Bringing together a set of highly concentrated articles that will provide in depth knowledge to a target audience, while the entire series will appeal to a wide audience by providing them with deeper knowledge on a broad set of emerging topics in the global economy. The target audiences are professional researchers, graduate students, and policy makers working in the fields of economics. The series will cover topics including, but not exclusively: Trade Negotiations, Economics Integration, International Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions. [1]

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