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Journal Cells and Development

Aim & Scope

Cells & Development is an international journal covering the areas of cell biology and developmental biology. In addition to publishing work at the interphase of these two disciplines, we also publish work that is purely cell biology as well as classical developmental biology. C&D is the official journal of The International Society of Developmental Biologists (ISDB) which supports the world-wide community of developmental biologists. Cells & Development will consider papers in any area of cell biology or developmental biology, in any model system like animals and plants, using a variety of approaches, such as cellular, biomechanical, molecular, quantitative, computational and theoretical biology. Areas of particular interest include: Cell and tissue morphogenesis; Cell adhesion and migration; Cell shape and polarity; Biomechanics; Theoretical modelling of cell and developmental biology; Quantitative biology; Stem cell biology; Cell differentiation; Cell proliferation and cell death; Evo-Devo; Membrane traffic; Metabolic regulation; Organ and organoid development; Regeneration. [1]

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(  1990  -  2020  ) Mechanisms of Development (  2021  -  9999  ) Cells and Development
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Spemann-Mangold organizer and mesoderm induction

M Asashima , Y Satou-Kobayashi

Cells and Development , 2024 , p 203903.


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The Spemann-Mangold organizer discovery and society

A von Bubnoff

Cells and Development , 2024 , p 203906.


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