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Journal Chemical Engineering Journal Advances

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Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, a partner title to the highly-regarded Chemical Engineering Journal, is a new online only, open access, peer reviewed journal. Chemical Engineering Journal Advances focuses upon four aspects of Chemical Engineering: Control, Treatment, Remediation of Environmental Hazards; Chemical Reaction Engineering; Environmental Chemical Processes and Engineering; Novel Materials and Nanotechnology Applications. Control, Treatment, Remediation of Environmental Hazards: Separation technology; Desalination; Advanced oxidation processes; Resource Recovery; Waste to energy; CO2 capture and utilization; Membrane science and technology. Chemical Reaction Engineering: Reaction Kinetics; Transport Phenomenon; Micro-nano Fluidic Reactor Engineering; Process Systems Engineering; Electrochemical Reactor Engineering; Fuel-cells; Novel reactor designs. Environmental Chemical Processes and Engineering: Environmental Interfaces; Aquatic Chemistry; Contaminant Fate and Transport; Adsorption Processes; Chemical speciation and transformation. Novel Materials and Nanotechnology Applications: Environmental Nanotechnology; Advanced Energy Materials; CO2 reduction materials; Environmental Catalysis; Reactive Functional Membrane; Novel Sensing and Detection Technology. [1]

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