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Journal Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity

Aim & Scope

The Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original clinical and experimental research articles on the pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and management of comorbidity or multimorbidity. The Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity serves as a platform for an exchange of ideas and working principles/practices of clinical management within a multitherapeutic framework. The journal brings together diverse aspects of medicine in order to optimize the management of patients with comorbidity/multimorbidity. Our vision is to be a leading global information resource to improve the health and wellbeing of patients with comorbidity or multimorbidity. In addition to original papers, the journal publishes guidelines, policies, editorials, commentaries, protocols, and critical review articles, as well as proceedings of congresses. Preference is given to articles that advance the clinical management of patients. The Editorial Board also welcomes ideas and suggestions for special issues dedicated to unique themes. [1]

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