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Journal MOJ Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry (MOJBOC)

Aim & Scope

MOJ Bioorganic & Organic Chemistry (MOJBOC) is an international peer reviewed open access journal publishes novel works in the area of organic chemistry. The scope of journal is vast which includes synthesis, structures, organoleptic characteristics, kinetics of chemical moieties, as well as chemical reactions, interaction of chemicals on biological targets, interaction of chemicals with the chemical agents. This journal also covers biological chemistry, acids, bases, electrophiles and nucleophiles, chemical reactions, oxidation and reductions, mechanism involved in the chemical reactions, chemistry involved in the biological compounds, etc. All contributions shall be accepted on the basis of originality and superiority of the work. MOJBOC accepts review articles, original research articles, letters, commentaries, opinions, short communications, etc. on all aspects of bioorganic & organic chemistry. Topics include: Organic chemistry; Bio organic chemistry; Chemical structures; Chemical reactions; Metabolic pathways; Synthetic chemistry; Theoretical chemistry; Medicinal chemistry; Organ metallic chemistry; Heterocyclic chemistry; Synthesis of chemical compounds; Chemistry of biological compounds; Biosynthesis of chemicals; Biochemistry; Elements in periodic table; Properties of chemicals; Molecular complexity; Polymorphism; Crystallinity; Humidification; Multicomponent reactions; Molecular diversity; Biocatalysis; Computational chemistry; Bio analytical chemistry; Rheology; Supramolecular chemistry; Physical organic chemistry; Chemical biology; Electrostatic interactions; Saturation; Ionization; Aggregation; Bioconjugation; Solubility; Conformational analysis. [1]

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2019 - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1
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Boron trifluoride etherate in organic synthesis

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MOJ Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry (MOJBOC) , 2019 - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1


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