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MedCrave Online Journal of Cell Science & Report (MOJCSR) is an international peer reviewed open access online journal which ensures that the scientific society knows about the advancement of cell biology. This journal welcomes research articles, reviews, editorials, rapid communications, opinions, case reports, clinical reports and letter to editors etc., to keep the scientific society updated about cell science to MOJCSR. Topics include: Vesicle Transport; Genome Integrity; Intracellular Compartments; Macromolecules; Fibro genesis & Tissue Repair; Cell host and microbe; Cell Longevity & Health span; Molecular and Cellular Therapies; Molecular Biology; Molecular Cytogenetics; Molecular Signaling; Neurodevelopmental Disorders; Nuclear Receptor Signaling; Nucleus and Nuclear Transport; Photosynthesis; Recombination; Regenerative Medicine Research; Regulation of Gene Expression in eukaryotes; Regulation of Gene Expression in prokaryotes; Cell Communication and Signaling; Cancer Cell & Metabolism; Apoptosis; Autophagy; Physiology; Biophysics; Cytoskeletal Dynamics; Developmental Cell Biology; Dynamics of Nucleus; Host Pathogen Interactions; Membrane Trafficking; Exocrine secretory epithelial cells; Hormone secreting cells; Keratinizing epithelial cells; Sensory transducer cells; Nervous system; Autonomic neuron cells; Sense organ and peripheral neuron supporting cells; Central nervous system neurons and glial cells; Metabolism and storage cells; Barrier function cells; Extracellular matrix cells; Contractile cells; Blood and immune system cells; Germ cells; Interstitial cells; Skeletal Muscle; Stem Cell Research & Therapy; Vascular Cell; Plant cells; Muscle cells; Skin cells; Bone cells; Gland cells; Reproductive cells; Lens cells; Nephrons; Cancer cells; Cytometry. [1]

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2018 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 4
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Misunderstanding of ATP involvement in inflammation and stages of inflammation

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MOJ Cell Science and Report (MOJCSR) , 2018 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 4


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