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Journal Clinical Psychology in Europe

Aim & Scope

The journal Clinical Psychology in Europe (CPE) has the aim of providing a platform for clinical psychological research in Europe that contributes to advances in clinical psychological science. It is a platform that provides access to cutting-edge psychological research with the objective of covering multiple approaches, topics and conceptual views. CPE is the Official Academic Journal of the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPТ). The journal welcomes research conducted both in and outside of Europe and hopes to portray the advances these make to the field of clinical psychology in Europe. By offering an open-access journal that is free of charge to authors and readers, we aim to make research in the field of clinical psychology widely visible. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 6, Special Issue
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Case conceptualization in clinical practice and training

E Gilboa-Schechtman

Clinical Psychology in Europe , 2024 - VOLUME 6, Special Issue


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Four versions of transtheoretical stances, and the Bernese view

F Caspar , T Berger

Clinical Psychology in Europe , 2024 - VOLUME 6, Special Issue


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Editorial Retractions, Expressions of Concern and External Notices
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PubPeer Comment

Simsia Setosa

2021 - VOLUME 2021, ISSUE 9

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