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Journal Sociology of Health and Illness

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Sociology of Health and Illness is an international journal which publishes sociological articles on all aspects of health illness and medicine. It focuses particularly on empirical research especially though not exclusively of a qualitative kind. The journal provides a sociological perspective on the theory of medical knowledge the practice of medical work and the experience of receiving or giving medical care. SPECIAL ISSUES In addition to the five regular issues published each year subscribers receive a free special issue. These themed issues aim to identify and contribute to new areas of debate and research in the discipline and each issue is devoted to an important topic of current interest. Rationing: Constructed Realities and Professional Practices (2001) edited by Donald Light and David Hughes Rethinking the Sociology of Mental Health (2000) edited by Joan Busfield Sociological Perspectives on the New Genetics (1999) edited by Peter Conrad and Jonathan Gabe The Sociology of Health Inequalities (1998) edited by Mel Bartley David Blane and George Davey Smith The Sociology of Medical Science (1997) edited by Mary Ann Elston Health and the Sociology of Emotion (1996) edited by Veronica James and Jonathan Gabe Medicine Health and Risk (1995) edited by Jonathan Gabe. [1]

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Illness action rediscovered: a case study of upper limb pain.

M Calnan , D Wainwright , C O'Neill , ... , C Watkins

Sociology of Health and Illness
2007 - VOLUME 29, ISSUE 3 pp 321-346.
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C Seale

Sociology of Health and Illness
2007 - VOLUME 29, ISSUE 6

p 955.
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