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Journal Bioinformatics Advances

Aim & Scope

Bioinformatics Advances is a fully open access, peer-reviewed journal published jointly by Oxford University Press and by the International Society for Computational Biology. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, application notes, opinion, perspective and Society features. Bioinformatics Advances is an interdisciplinary journal on bioinformatics and computational biology. The journal covers bioinformatics methods, such as algorithms, statistics, databases and software as well as biological contributions for which the application of advanced computational methods is an essential factor. The major focus of the journal is on the molecular and cellular levels of biology. The journal covers bioinformatics both for established experimental approaches and for emerging technologies that require innovative computational support. Problems in basic research as well as applications and translational research are covered. The journal also will publish papers that will be of wide interest to the computational community in areas such as education and career development. Papers will publish across a range of subject categories, included below: Genome Analysis; Sequence Analysis; Phylogenetics; Structural Bioinformatics; Gene Regulation; Genetics and Population Analysis; Systems Biology; Data and Text Mining; Databases and Ontologies; Bioimage Informatics; Software; Data Visualization; Disease Bioinformatics/Translational Medicine; Education and Careers; Proteomics and Metabolomics; Computational Neurosciences; Cancer; Cheminformatics; Metagenomics; Immunoinformatics; Evolution; Epigenetics; Synthetic Biology. [1]

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