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Journal Computational Biology and Chemistry

Aim & Scope

Formerly known as "Computers & Chemistry", this journal has evolved from a periodical specialising in the application of computers to specific chemical problems into an interdisciplinary forum for addressing ways in which computational life sciences (including biology and chemistry) will help us to understand living systems. To reflect this evolution, this journal has been renamed, and is now entitled: Computational Biology and Chemistry. Computational Biology and Chemistry publishes original research papers and review articles in all areas of computational life sciences. High quality research contributions in the areas of nucleic acid and protein sequence research, molecular evolution, molecular genetics (functional genomics and proteomics), theory and practice of either biology-specific or chemical-biology-specific modeling, and structural biology of nucleic acids and proteins are particularly welcome. Exceptionally high quality research work in bioinformatics, systems biology, cybernetics, ecology, environmental sciences, computational pharmacology, metabolism, biomedical engineering, epidemiology, and statistical genetics will also be considered. [1]

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