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The Journal of Jewish Education, the journal of the Network for Research in Jewish Education, is published four times per year. The journal provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for considering the diverse research and scholarly issues in Jewish education including curriculum and instruction, teacher preparation, Jewish identity development, history and philosophy of Jewish education, and the linkage between Jewish and general education. The journal’s scope ranges from early childhood through adult education, in any setting in which Jewish education occurs. Contributions to the journal address issues unique to Jewish education, as well as the application of research and thought from general education. Further, a variety of methodological approaches and formats are represented. These include qualitative and quantitative empirical research studies, reflections on Jewish education past and present, and discussion of theoretical aspects of Jewish education. The Journal of Jewish Education has been the premier journal in the field of Jewish education for over 80 years. The mission of the Journal of Jewish Education is: To offer a standard of excellence for research and practice in Jewish education; To provide an outlet and an archival location for scholarship reflecting multiple ideological perspectives, multiple educational settings, and multiple disciplines; To grow the field of research in Jewish education through the dissemination of scholarship; To serve as a source of reflection and stimulus for rich and complex views of Jewish education in order to better understand it, to improve its practice, and to contribute to a vibrant Jewish future. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1929  -  1993  ) Jewish Education (  1994  -  9999  ) Journal of Jewish Education