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The Health Environments Research & Design Journal (HERD) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal whose mission is to enhance the knowledge and practice of evidence-based healthcare design by disseminating research findings, discussing issues and trends, and translating research into practice. The vision of HERD is to improve measurable healthcare outcomes as a result of enhancing healthcare environments for those receiving and providing care. HERD is the only journal featuring evidence-based articles on the design of health environments and the design-related outcomes associated with safety, clinical results, organizational performance, economics, and the human experience. The commitment to an interdisciplinary design process is reflected in HERD’s interdisciplinary Editorial Board, with representatives from healthcare (including nursing, medicine, and healthcare administration), the design industry (architecture, engineering, interiors, graphics), environmental and behavioral psychology, neurosciences, systems and organizational effectiveness, art, music, and other complementary fields. The journal centralizes knowledge about healthcare innovations and design while addressing significant industry challenges to improve patient outcomes, reduce errors, and enhance the work environments of healthcare professionals. As a translational journal linking research to practice, HERD features both rigorous research from academic sources and applied research from practice. Submissions from both scholars and practitioners are welcome. All will be held to high standards. [1]

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Healthy Buildings, a Webinar Report.

PR Boby , L Cambra-Rufino , P Sugga , A Dewan

HERD : Health Environments Research and Design Journal , 2024 , p 19375867231223885.


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