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Journal Economic Analysis and Policy

Aim & Scope

Economic Analysis and Policy publishes articles from all branches of economics. It features contributions that have policy relevance, both theoretical and applied. EAP particularly seeks to publish passionate, critical, and controversial articles. It is open for orthodox but also unorthodox approaches. The journal has three main sections. They are: Policy Debates and Controversies; This section will contain highly policy relevant articles that are of general interest to economists. We will strive to obtain opposing views on current topics. Recent Trends in Economic Research: This section will contain research articles from all fields of economics, similar to those published in other general interest economics journals, such as the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Economic Journal, or the Economic Record. These articles will not necessarily be easily accessible to non-academic economists. We expect authors to provide the main insights in a non-technical introduction and in the conclusions. Comments and Discussions of Past and Present Contributions to Economics: This section has two aims. On the one hand it is a platform to critically discuss recent contributions to the economic literature. This section will contain contributions that revalidate econometric articles and/or discuss the importance of recent findings in economics. On the other hand, it will contain a critical appreciation of classic contributions to the economic literature. We will invite original authors as well as scholars that work in the field to review the importance of classic contributions to modern economics. [1]

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