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Journal Empirical Studies of the Arts

Aim & Scope

Empirical Studies of the Arts is the official Journal of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics. The Journal serves as a forum for empirical studies of aesthetics, creativity, and all the arts as examined by researchers in all of the social sciences. As well as research reports, the Journal publishes theoretical and review articles. Research reports are quantitative or qualitative depending upon the methods employed by the researcher. All articles are oriented toward a general audience, so that scholars in allied disciplines such as philosophical aesthetics, literary and art criticism, etc. who are interested in current developments in empirical aesthetics can keep abreast of the field. From the start, Empirical Studies of the Arts has aimed to be an inclusive central repository for high quality research reports, reviews, and theoretical articles. One of the main reasons for starting the Journal was the perception that work on scientific aesthetics is too widely scattered. Thus, for example, psychologists or anthropologists may not hear for many years about interesting new developments in sociology for the simple reason that they do not regularly read sociology journals. This lack of communication has impeded progress in empirical aesthetics, as it would be difficult to argue that the arts can be adequately understood from the perspective of any single discipline. [1]

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