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Journal Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering

Aim & Scope

Biomedical engineering has been characterized as the application of concepts drawn from engineering, computing, communications, mathematics, and the physical sciences to scientific and applied problems in the field of medicine and biology. Concepts and methodologies in biomedical engineering extend throughout the medical and biological sciences. This Journal attempts to critically review a wide range of research and applied activities in the field. More often than not, topics chosen for inclusion are concerned with research and practice issues of current interest. Experts writing each review bring together current knowledge and historical information that has led to the current state of the art. Each issue contains one or more critical reviews of specified topics, representing applied, clinical and basic science areas. Most articles contain in-depth appraisals of the current state-of-the-art in a specific area of research or practice and provide complete and up-to-date bibliographies. Each review attempts to be nearly exhaustive in a constrained area rather than broad and overarching. The critical evaluations of current research and development issues include interpretive discussions of major problems. From time to time, a series of articles in a related topic area are published in order to give comprehensive coverage. Collaborative works generated by multiple authors are frequently used to provide in-depth coverage from multiple viewpoints. Each article is reviewed by one or more independent experts in the field. [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  1971  -  1979  ) CRC Critical Reviews in Bioengineering (  1981  -  9999  ) Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering
(  1980  -  1981  ) Critical Reviews in Bioengineering (  1981  -  9999  ) Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering
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